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our ethos

We ensure that every property unlocks its full potential. Alongside our thorough local market understanding, we use the very best design, materials and construction, creating spaces our customers love. 

This philosophy drives everything we do; from renewing our rental properties, to transforming our in-house development projects. We make the most of every opportunity to design something exceptional.

Development Projects

We buy and transform property in need of restoration using the best interior designers, architects and property professionals. Using this approach, we create high quality homes which we then either sell or retain within our property portfolio. 

We work closely with agents and vendors offering a reliable, high-speed and efficient acquisition process.
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Modern Living

We deliver desirable and bespoke properties for a contemporary lifestyle.


We transform properties in need of restoration.


We use industry leading interiors to create truly stunning developments.

Our ethos

We are reliable, straightforward and transparent in everything we do.


At Evolve Living we understand the challenges that come with managing and owning property. That’s why we offer our guaranteed rent service.

We work with landlords, offering our property expertise and experience, so that they can make the most of their rental property.
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We invest in your property, covering the costs of improvements.

High quality tenants

We let the newly refurbished property to the best individuals, groups, and families.

Operational expenses

We pay for all maintenance of the property, as well as tax and other operational costs.


We make our margin by increasing the desirability of your property, making our profits from the rent that we receive from our tenants.

Harry Osborne

Harry is our founder and director, and is responsible for acquiring and strategically managing all property projects. He started his career with a degree in Real Estate, before becoming a qualified Chartered Surveyor. Having worked for one of the country’s leading firms of Property Consultants and Chartered Surveyors, Harry went on to pursue the path of property development. Using his creativity, intuition and financial knowledge, he continues to transform the ordinary into exceptional spaces.

Harry set up Evolve Living to make beautifully designed homes accessible to everyone. His philosophy stems from a desire to help landlords make the most of their properties, as well as create modern and quality living spaces for both homeowners and tenants. Unlocking the potential of under-valued properties, Harry and Evolve Living are transforming the world of conventional guaranteed rent and property development in the South West.
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